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The video shows an accurate, as-built 3D model of the ELSA Reaction Wall acquired with JRC’s Mobile Laser Scanning Platform (MLSP). The mapping system has been developed for nuclear safeguards verifications, but can also be used for many other application areas.

The EU Policy Lab uses foresight, behavioural insights and design to help policymakers map out the policy landscape and the challenges they face going forward. We provide strategic and future-oriented input through continuous experimenting and developing different methods and tools to make foresight practical for decision-making.

Competence Centre on Participatory and Deliberative Democracy

The Competence Centre on Participatory and Deliberative Democracy aims to respond to the increasing demand from the European Commission, EU institutions and countries for capacity to support participatory and deliberative projects and policies at the EU level.


Science for Democracy and Evidence-Informed Policymaking & Science for Advice on Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration and New Ways of Working

Empowering EU Industrial Strategic Autonomy

Supply chain dependencies pose serious threats to our economy. Understanding their impact is crucial.

Fear of missing out on opportunities for your territories? - More than 70 territories, including cities, regions, Member States and networks, are collectively writing and drawing the map of innovative territories, sharing their experiences, learning from and with each other! Watch Territories in ACTION, the first ever show about innovation for place-based transformations and join the community of transformation - Innovate, cooperate, don’t miss out!

Adaptation in transitions

Learning from good practices that worked in other territories,
experimenting with all policies landing in the territories, establishing a
comprehensive governance framework and enhancing inter-territorial
cooperation are key to stay at a competitive edge and strengthen our
European strategic autonomy

Innovation for place-based transformation – ACTIONbook, practices and tools

Addressing complex challenges requires different tools, mindsets and approaches from traditional ones. This publication is a milestone in our research on place-based transformative innovation, an example of cocreation with key stakeholders and a living document that we will enrich with ongoing support to territories.

Everybody is looking into the Future! A literature review of reports on emerging technologies and disruptive innovation

Anticipatory thinking and foresight are of utmost importance to help explore trends, risks, emerging issues, and their potential implications and opportunities in order to draw useful insights for strategic planning, policy-making and preparedness. The findings include a set of 106 signals and trends on emerging technologies and disruptive innovations.

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