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How the Joint Research Centre supports a stronger Europe in the world

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Europe strives to strengthen its unique brand of responsible global leadership

It aims to be an assertive geopolitical player, the ‘guardian of multilateralism’ and to uphold and update the rules-based global order. Through this priority, Europe aims to give new impetus to its relationship with Africa and with the Western Balkans, where enlargement policy is an instrument for catalysing comprehensive national reforms.

A stronger Europe in the world

We must use our diplomatic and economic strength to support global stability and prosperity, as well as making ourselves more competitive and better able to export our values and standards.

Ursula von der Leyen
As natural disasters become more common, more people will need help than ever before. When a disaster strikes, GDACS at once sends automatic alerts to the international first responders about the impact of the disaster on the population indicating the level of catastrophe and need for humanitarian assistance allowing for faster decisions and team work.  


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