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Measurements matter!

We use measurements throughout our day and the JRC is often involved in those measurements – find out more!

Food safety

See how the JRC develops and produces certified reference materials or CRM's. This video talks, in particular, about CRM for the determination of mercury in fish.

Food authenticity

The example of olive oil. Learn how we work to regulate olive oil quality and better identify fraudulent manipulations.

Ingrid Zegers, JRC scientist - Blood Tests Reference Standards

The Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's in-house science service, presents its Faces of Science series - showcasing the human face of the scientific advice supporting EU policy.

Airport security

Find out more about how the JRC works to develop standards for European authorities responsible for airport security.

Testing for allergens

The JRC helps to set standards for testing laboratories to make comparable measurements for allergens worldwide.

JRC through the ages

Browse through the evolution of the JRC in series of photographs organised by decades.

What is in my honey?

How can you be sure that what is written on the label of a jar of honey is really what is inside? Find out how JRC contributes to ensuring that labelling is correct.