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RHOMOLO: a model for cohesion

Cohesion, investments, the EU… have we been growing? Take a look for yourself and learn about how we are calculating the impact of the Cohesion Policy.

Best available techniques (BAT)

Learn about how BAT's reference dcouments are key to the implementation of the Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU). Find out more about the objectives laid out to provide the scientific and technical basis for EU industrial emissions legislation.

Composite indicators. What??

Innovation, science, government, GNP, globalisation, education, poverty level, unemployment, jobs… How do all of these things get measured? Statistics, how do we use all of those numbers? Watch this explanation to find out how scientists combine all of this information to get results and understand the world around us.

The Smart Specialisation Platform

Why was it created? How does it help regions? Find out what is happening now.

Science-based policy support

What does it mean?

European ICT poles of excellence

Look at key findings for the best performing EU regions in terms of Information Communication Technology (ICT) activities.

Behavioural science applied to policy making

Policies are generally based on the theoretical assumption that people are rational BUT… Does policy-making take into account people's real behaviour?

EU R&D scoreboard

Benchmarking EU industry innovation performance to help sape EU policy.

Do policies work?

Find out how to evaluate policy interventions by watching this short video.

How does the JRC provide solutions

Without realising we consult experts daily about certain problems. The EU faces problems on a daily basis as well. The JRC works to help advise the EU about how to provide answers to our questions.