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Joint Research Centre (JRC)

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Explore! our real-life Vehicle Emissions Laboratory (VELA) and navigate first-hand, inside. This area includes two labs and seven testing major testing facilities. Did you know that we are currently building a new facility in Ispra for electric vehicle testing?


Explore! our real-life European Solar Test Installation (ESTI) and navigate first-hand, inside. Did you know that this laboratory in Ispra, has been around since the 70's? It has been at the forefront of the development of standards for the electrical performance of photovoltaic (PV) products since its launch.

Water Lab

Explore! our real-life Water Innovation Support Laboratory and navigate first-hand, inside. See how we measure and characterise water in a lab.


Explore! our real-life European Structural Assessment Laboratory (ELSA) and navigate first-hand, inside. Did you know that the Eurocodes, for the design of buildings and other civil engineering works, depend on the work done here at this lab in Ispra?

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Green energy: tomorrow's reality

More than three million people across the EU now work in eco-industries, producing nature-friendly goods and services. Watch to learn more.

Testing for allergens

The JRC helps to set standards for testing laboratories to make comparable measurements for allergens worldwide.

Breathing Forest

Forests are the green lungs of our planet. During the day, trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we need to breathe. But at night, the process is reversed and the forest produces carbon dioxide. What does this mean for the global climate equation?

Water monitoring

With water shortages a growing problem around the world recycling waste water has become increasingly important. JRC researchers have come up with a cheap and efficient tool to control the safety standards of waste water in a development that should boost the recycling effort.

Science is everywhere

We are doing science for policy

Mapping human settlements from space

Contrary to common belief, there is still a lack of information on where and under what conditions people live, especially in developing countries. Moreover, the migration of inhabitants from the countryside to urban settlements generates a continuous modification in the shape of towns and territories. This dynamic process is difficult to monitor. Watch how a clever system developed by the JRC, the Global Human Settlements Layer, can automatically monitor human presence from space.

Airport security

Find out more about how the JRC works to develop standards for European authorities responsible for airport security.