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How the Joint Research Centre supports promoting our European way of life

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Europe must protect the rule of law if it is to stand up for justice and the EU’s core values

It has to ensure that citizens feel protected and part of a cohesive and inclusive society. Promoting the European way of life encompasses fostering skills, education and inclusion. It includes ensuring integration of migrants and refugees, and developing a fair and well-managed migration policy. It also addresses the need to fostering security for all those living in Europe, while respecting our values and principles. Additionally, it gives the EU a key role in helping Europeans take care of their health.

Promoting our European way of life

The European way of life is built around solidarity, peace of mind and security. A well-managed legal migration, a strong focus on integration and ensuring our communities are cohesive and close-knit.

Ursula von der Leyen

The Knowledge Centre on cancer prepares the ground for a united EU approach toward cancer research in support of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the new Mission on Cancer. Providing evidence to combat cancer, facilitating coordinated planning and execution, and ensuring high-quality cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment across Europe.


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